Poor biomechanics can be attributed to many musculoskeletal injuries all over the world. A lot of research has been done with lots of evidence confirming the necessity of ergonomics in work places. We take time to go to clients’ and patients’ work places to evaluate their work environment. The uniqueness of people makes it difficult to have “one size fits all” in furniture and equipment. This leads to employees having to make do with whatever they have, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders. We pride ourselves in intervening in these less understood concepts by bringing our expertise of maximum postural alignment.

Employee wellness


Globalisation, co-operative reorganisation, new technologies, increased workforce diversity and increased expectations in the workplace may bring with them prosperity but also risks of work-related stress. Through employee wellness programs we endeavour to manage the troubled employee and provide interventions that will enhance a healthy work environment and improve the employee’s job performance. The programme promotes timely problem identification and early referral of clients for diagnosis, treatment and assistance.

The wellness of employees is an important part of any company’s life. The more workers spend time at work the better for the company’s productivity. A lot of evidence exists on the important of exercises in promoting health and improving mental alertness of people. We, as the specialists in movement and exercises, bring this to your work place by teaching your employees the correct way of going about exercising. We create tailor made exercise programs.


Physical disability assessment


Disabilities differ from one person to the other. We conduct assessments using a quality of life questionnaire to be able to evaluate the level of disability of each and every person. This we do for municipalities in social grant related processes. Through our objective tools, we are able to give an informed opinion of whether a person qualifies for such a disability grant.


Medico legal assessments/reports


A person’s ability to work and subsequent potential to earn may be adversely impacted by injuries, pathology, biomechanical and/or trauma. At Phaswana and Mazibuko we evaluate the effects of the injury, pathology, biomechanical changes or trauma on our clients’ physical being and earning capacity. These effects are addressed through assessments and research into work environments to understand our client’s comprehensive work life. We offer our professional opinion to quantify the loss of past and future earnings due to the accident and this will form the content of our loss of

earnings report. The report is usually delivered within 5 – 10 working days. This service includes:

 Comprehensive claimant subjective and objective examination

 Extensive pre and post-accident employment and performance analysis

 Competitive pricing


Physical therapy services and rehabilitation


People suffer from pains everyday due to neuro-musculoskeletal disorders caused by injuries, work related musculoskeletal disorders, pathological and traumatic. As physiotherapists, we get patients who walk in, patients that are admitted in-hospital and referrals from other medical professionals. We evaluate the main complain, do physical assessment and make a diagnosis so that we can plan proper intervention or treatment. Intervention is administered then administered from the day of assessment.

We also give prognosis of the condition. We are based both in-hospital, (Acute and step down facilities) where we see inpatients as well as outpatients and at a Medical Centre where we see outpatients. We also do offer house-call services where and when necessary. We have vast experience in postsurgical rehabilitation for Orthopaedic cases, rehabilitation of sports injuries and neuro conditions. We are competent in the rehabilitation of both surgical and medical cases, both adult and paediatric patients.