About the company

Phaswana and Mazibuko Partners Pty(Ltd) is a physical therapy and health services company, that uses scientific methods to rehabilitate patients with neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions and pains i.e. physical disabilities that are congenital, traumatic, pathological, and mechanical in nature.


We use these methods to assess and analyse postural, physical and movement impairments. This gives us an advantage in diagnosing, planning, treating and giving a just prognosis on the outcome of the rehabilitation of the patients we service. Our motto is “Where there is movement there is life”, therefore we are a company that strives to improve that quality of life for our patients.


Our key areas are:


  • Physical disability assessments,
  • Ergonomics services,
  • Employee wellness,
  • Medico-legal work.


We use scientific models that are goal oriented and with validated level objectivity of our equipment. Our approach is always patient centered and looks to achieve the best possible results for the patients

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Our vision

Our vision is to be a recognized physical therapy services company in South Africa, the Southern African region and elsewhere in the world by providing and engineering fast turnaround time rehabilitation services to our patients and clients alike.

Our objectives


  • * To maintain a 90% service quality score
  • * To bring back precise movement to our patients and clients
  • * To promote a healthy nation through physicality and exercises
  • * To create sustainable relationships with our patients and clients alike
  • * To re-educate/rehabilitate where recovery to initial physical status is not possible
  • * To create an environment of research and learning for patients and other physiotherapists
  • * To contribute effectively to the economy by creating sustainable employment opportunities

Our value to you

Phaswana and Mazibuko Partners have a great understanding of the challenges that comes with neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions and pains to our patients. As such, we strive to strike a balance between real expectations and emotional challenges that comes with disabilities. Doing thorough assessment allows us to be objective and to plan and administer a tailor made programme for the conditions patients present with.


We adhere to ethical considerations stipulated by our Hippocratic Oath and the Health Professional Council of South Africa. The services are rendered by qualified and registered physiotherapists. We are also registered vendors with the Road Accident Fund.


We commit to further development of our skills and knowledge to keep with the developments in the profession. As a service provider, the growth of our company is largely dependent on our integrity, thus we are:


 Registered with the HPCSA

 Insured against malpractice and

 Understand that patient’s rights are fundamental.

Our mission statement

Phaswana and Mazibuko’s mission is to provide globally recognised physical therapy services. This will be achieved through thorough patient assessment, treatment planning and treatment administration using validated tools that produce results that can be reproducible anywhere in the world.

About the founders

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Johannes Sipho Mazibuko

Qualified physiotherapist registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. He has been working as a physiotherapist for 18 years to date. Mr. Mazibuko has special interest in sports and Orthopaedic rehabilitation, especially post- surgery rehabilitation. His passion is people, and ensuring that people get the best quality service. He has completed the course-work for his degree in Sports Medicine and rehabilitation and is currently conducting research for his dissertation. Work experience:


  • He worked at Ga-Rankuwa hospital for 7 years and was a Chief physiotherapist, running the Orthopaedics section and supervising junior staff(fellow physiotherapists) working in the unit, by the time he resigned.
  • Physiotherapist and Director at Phaswana and Mazibuko Partners.
  • South African national basketball team physiotherapist (2003 to 2009).
  • Clinical supervisor and external examiner of 4th year physiotherapy students at Medunsa.



Lutendo Mulalo Phaswana

Qualified physiotherapist registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa since 2001. He has been in private practice for over 16 years, after working for 2 years at a public hospital and as a supervisor of Medunsa students. He has vast experience in musculoskeletal conditions, with special interest neuro conditions. He has a keen interest in continuously researching new and improved treatment protocols, that can deliver high quality results, in the quickest turnaround time. He is currently completing his Masters in Physiotherapy (Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation). Work experience:

  • Junior physiotherapist Ga-Rankuwa hospital.
  • Supervisor, 4th year Medunsa students
  • External examiner 4th year students University of Limpopo( Medunsa Campus)
  • Consultant physiotherapist for Orlando Pirates football club
  • Athletics South Africa physiotherapist for 2004 team
  • Director and Physiotherapist at Phaswana and Mazibuko Partners